LNY 2024 Smart Vending Machine

For LNY 2024: We created a smart vending machine.

Innovation meets tradition as we blend the age-old custom of giving red pockets with interactive technology. Our team has crafted not just a vending machine but an immersive experience that captivates and delights. Picture this: an engaging Augmented Reality (AR) journey that not only tells a story but leads to a tangible reward. Users are taken through an enchanting digital narrative, concluding with a unique code. This code, a bridge between the virtual and the real, unlocks a special prize from our smart vending machine.

AR Building Visualisation

Using Immersal's VPS technology we created an AR application that allows buildings to be visualised on location. The building that can be seen in the video below is in Sydney, Australia. But…

AR Hot Cross Buns

With Immersal's VPS technology we converted a laneway in Sydney into AR Hot Cross Bun Oven! If you want to eat them by the bagful, we’ve discovered a portal to the Hot…

AR Sky Whales

Using 8th Wall's Sky effects we brought whales to the skies. With 8th Wall it is possible to make sky based WebAR experiences that are accessible from a mobile phone's web browser.…

AR Beer In Ice

We’ve imagined a refreshingly cold beverage for the warm weather! Using VPS technology, we have created a frosty beer to match our building sized thirst! Markerless AR technology by Immersal makes it possible to position your product on almost any building.

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Skateboard Configurator

Augmented reality will play a very important role in how customers interact with products. This AR skateboard configurator allows users to visualise possible designs in an engaging way. Tools such as this are just an example of how companies can utilise AR technology to connect to customers.

We have utilised artificial intelligence tools to assist in generating the designs on the Skateboards, using Midjourney and DALL-E. This allows us to experiment and iterate on designs, and give users the freedom to explore and choose options that best suits their style. Using AR in this way will be a huge part of how customers interact with products in the future, and we are excited to see how it improves the customer experience.

World Scale Pinball

We are all about exploring the latest in augmented reality technology, and the value it can bring to otherwise traditional game experiences. This augmented reality pinball game utilizes visual positioning technology achieve a unique experience. This game not only demonstrates the potential for immersive, meaningful experiences in the real world, but it’s also incredibly fun and engaging.

We have created a game that allows players to experience the thrill of pinball in real-world locations, bringing a new way to enjoy a classic. We are proud to share this game with the world and invite you to experience the future of gaming.

TfNSW Train Station Navigation

Utilising cutting-edge augmented reality technology, we have developed an intuitive solution that makes transport navigation easier than ever before. By combining real-time train schedules with markerless AR technology, by Immersal, we have created an app that revolutionises the accessibility of transport systems.

Unlike traditional AR systems, our app does not require GPS or QR codes to function. With just a few taps, users can select their destination and the app will guide them every step of the way with virtual AR waypoints. This kind of technology is a game changer, and we couldn’t be more excited to get it into more people’s hands. We are confident that it will make a real difference in people’s lives and can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.